About the Triple E

The Triple E aims to assist Irish businesses, the public sector and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint through investing in energy efficient equipment.


What is it?

The Triple E is a searchable listing of energy efficient equipment.

Triple E sets minimum criteria that products are required to meet to be listed. For products, these criteria are regularly updated, and aim to ensure that only the top 10 - 15% most energy efficient products in any technology are listed.

Triple E incorporates several incentives, specifically:

Public Procurement Regulations

The EUROPEAN UNION (ENERGY EFFICIENT PUBLIC PROCUREMENT) REGULATIONS 2011, SI 151 of 2011 state that a public body shall only procure equipment or vehicles which
(a) are listed on the Register*, or
(b) satisfy the published SEAI energy efficiency criteria for the equipment or vehicle concerned,
and the public body shall specify this requirement in any documentation describing its procurement requirements.

* 'Triple E Product Register' (Register) means the public database maintained by the SEAI containing a list of products which comply with the SEAI energy efficiency criteria;",

Currently the Triple E product register is based solely on the existing Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) list of eligible products and eligibility criteria but it is planned in the future to extend the product range beyond that covered by the ACA.

The Accelerated Capital Allowance

logo ACA

(where companies can reduce their tax bill by 100% of the cost of qualifying equipment in the year of purchase)

The Electric Vehicle programme

logo Electric Vehicles

(dealers receive a payment of €5000
for each qualifying electric vehicle sold)


logo Micro Generation

(a listing of small scale wind and photovoltaic devices)


How does it work?
Listing of products is driven by those selling products. These companies and people are able to create a Triple E account and submit products for inclusion. A rigorous checking system is applied to ensure the submitted products meet the standards that have been set.


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