How you can benefit from the Triple E

The Triple E has benefits for consumers, for providers, and for the environment.


Benefits for equipment users
Save moneyConfidenceFind best-in-class products
Decrease your carbon footprint Find where to purchase equipment

Benefits for purchasers of products and services

Save money

Investing in energy efficient equipment results in decreased ongoing energy costs for the lifetime of that equipment, usually providing far greater lifetime savings than the additional capital cost usually associated with such equipment.

By choosing to have a registered service provider complete the installation of relevant equipment, the likelihood of costly problems due to installation faults is reduced.

There is the additional possibility of direct money saving by availing of the incentive schemes within the Triple E.


Purchasers of energy efficient equipment listed on Triple E have the additional confidence that the equipment has met a minimum set of standards to be listed.  Such equipment has also met the energy efficiency criteria specified, which will usually mean that it is in the top 20% most energy efficient equipment in its class.

Users of Triple E registered installers know that they have had to show SEAI evidence of having undertaken relevant training.

(Note that not every single product on the Triple E list has been checked in detail, however the system has been designed to give reasonable confidence that listed products meet the specified criteria)

Find best in class products

The criteria for products to be accepted onto the Triple E products register are designed so that only (roughly) the top 10 – 15% most energy efficient equipment in a technology will be accepted.

This then enables those looking to purchase such equipment to find the best in class (in energy terms) using the Triple E product search facility.

Decrease your carbon footprint

Utilising energy efficient equipment results in decreased overall energy usage, decreasing the users carbon footprint.  This, combined with other measures to reduce overall carbon footprint, can provide a significant marketing advantage for businesses. 

Find where to purchase equipment

The Triple E product list includes information on suppliers, enabling users of the search facility to identify their closest supplier for the equipment identified.

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