Why energy efficiency?

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The business case for energy efficiency in the private sector

Energy management is a no risk strategy to boost profits

Rising energy costs, the adverse environmental impacts of fossil fuel use and our dependence on imports are making energy management an imperative for our economy, our environment, and our businesses.


  • Reducing costs, staying in business, cash flow savings

Security of supply

  • Price security

Environmental Protection

  • Increasing legislation (Best available techniques, carbon tax etc) Emissions Trading (EU ETS)
  • Integrated Pollution and Prevention Licences (IPPC)
  • Building Energy Rating (BER)
  • Energy Using Products Directive
  • Energy Services Directive

The business case for energy efficiency in the public sector

Energy management is now an economic and policy priority

Integrating energy management into the public sector management framework ensures that this vital resource is efficiently managed, reducing unnecessary waste and releasing essential public funds to deliver the services that people require.

Value for money

Energy efficiency is no longer an optional extra, but a core part of delivering more cost-effective public services, now and in the future.

Leadership role

The Government is committed to making the public sector an exemplar of energy efficiency

Energy reduction targets

'The public sector will improve its energy efficiency by 33% and will be seen to lead by example – showing all sectors what is possible through strong committed actions.’
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) 2009

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