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This is the fourth of 5 pillars of excellent energy management in the Energy Management Action Programme (Energy MAP).
Learn about Energy MAP and what it can do for your business.

The 'people-factor' is key to the implementation of your Energy MAP. If people within your organisation are not aware of the opportunities and motivated to act, then the programme runs the risk of failure. You will have identified certain key people who are crucial to putting your plan into action. Gaining their commitment is important to making it a success. However, beyond these key players, people throughout your organisation must be aware of energy issues and motivated to save energy. This can be achieved through awareness campaigns and training activities.

The energy savings opportunities identified in Pillar 2 and documented in an 'Energy Savings Register' provide a reference for all the people in your organisation to work with. To help maintain the momentum in achieving these savings, it is also crucial to feedback the success of savings initiatives to all staff, including management. The achievement of monetary savings and other non-monetary benefits will help maintain the support of senior management, the enthusiasm of your energy management team, and contribution from all employees.

To complete this pillar you must complete a number of steps...

Step 14: Implement the Energy Action Plan

Step 15: Promote energy awareness

Step 16: Train key personnel in energy efficient practices

Step 17: Operate, maintain, design & procure efficiently

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